Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Rainy Day in BKK

It is officially rainy season here in Bangkok. There are two seasons here, Summer and Rainy season. It's rained all week. It will rain for me in the morning as I am going to work, flooding the roads, clogging the sewers and causing gridlock. Usually end up late for work. And wet.

Then it tends to clear up and the sun may even shine, like today, from the moment I start teaching until two minutes before I clock joke, it happens like clockwork. Rainy motorcycle ride to the end of the across the main road to the bus stop, shoes 15 centimeters deep in water. The other 70 centimeters of my trousers quickly drenched by the inconsiderate taxi drivers who think it's cool to continue to zip past the bus stop, spraying the nasty water all over everyone. These moments are those when I learn lots of new swear words.

Steamy bus, fogged windows, leaking roof, driver smoking a cigarette. Get to my area and have to choose my disembarkation stop carefully...preferably a stop where there is a 7-11 to hide in or at least a row boat!! Today the bus actually passed a pair of buffalo, two monitor lizards, a couple soi dogs, and a male and female elephant walking up a ramp into what appeared to be an ark...wonder what that could be all about? *wink wink!

Today was no different...It's been raining since I flagged down a motorcycle driver to go's not letting up. On the bus, I enjoyed some photography time as we sat in the flooded streets for nearly two hours waiting for something to give. Pour, sprinkle, deluge, sprinkle, pour...but never stop! I swear an ocean worth of rain has fallen today.

I barely noticed the wait though as I was really engrossed in taking pictures with my iPhone (lovingly named iPiggy) and his 3Mega pixel camera and some fun photo filter apps I recently downloaded.

The result of the dark and dreary wet weather, iPiggy and some vertical framing on Picasa is what you see here. I loved the composition in many of the original pictures, but decided to stick them all in this thin vertically situated frame for uniformity, thereby cropping out whatever was on the left and right edges, just to see how they all came out! Personally, I am very satisfied. It truly gives a feel for what today was like on the bus, at the bus stop, and at a little noodle stand eating some noodles, waiting for the rain to stop.

The rain never let up, so I finished my noodles and hit the flyover (foot bridge over the 4 lane road) and sloshed my way home walking and hiring a soggy motorcycle! I love the rain, but I didn't want my phone or my laptop to get too wet...even stuffed under my "little bit too tight" school polo, they both got wet, but nothing damaging *knock wood*. It was the most enjoyable two hour commute home of late, considering the conditions.


Naomi Hanks said...

Lots of rain here too...although not as bad as yours I'm sure! Love the pics! Was it your iphone app that filtered out all the colors but red? I want one!!!

Pae and Guy said...

Rain rain rain! Nomers, Pae introduced me to that app and i like playing with it. it's called "moremono" or something like that.

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