Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sixth Grade Science

The first few weeks of the new school year has been full of pretty much everything. In previous years, the semester started with almost every level studying Animals, Plants, and eventually ecosystems near midterm time.This semester, with the curriculum changed in the science program, my different classes are studying totally different subjects.My 4th graders are exploring the Solar System, to be followed by Light Energy.

The 5th graders are waist deep in Properties of Matter and will soon move on to Reproduction of Plants and Animals.Sixth grade starts the semester off with the Human a few weeks time we'll begin a unit on Animals and Life Cycles.All in all, it's science, interesting for some, boring for others. I took some pictures of some of the 6th graders playing with our hermaphrodite anatomy dummy.

1 comment:

mardenheyjude said...

I love the picture with the kids holding all the body parts; especially the cute little girl holding the boobies right where they belong. You must really enjoy teaching young children. They are precious. Love always, Auntie

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