Friday, June 4, 2010

Pae gets her Royal Jordanian uniforms

Pae and her fellow trainees have been able to go to training and classes from anywhere between casual dress to professional, but soon they will be required to dress in the official Royal Jordanian flight crew uniform! They just picked up their uniforms, freshly tailored, yesterday.You can see from these pictures that the girls could hardly wait to try them on and take pictures together. These were taken after a long day of training when they got back to their hotel rooms.Pae told me that they received a large array of uniforms. They got seasonal uniforms with heavier coats for winter to skirts and lighter weight fabric for summer weather. They got the normal cabin uniform as well as service uniforms that they will change into when they do meal service.I'm not sure if they stay in the service uniform while making the duty free sales run through the cabin. She's just waiting for boots and heels right now...I think they were out of her size for the heels. It's always exciting when you get your uniform, no matter what job you do or where you work.I can tell from these pictures that I got from Facebook friends that the girls are happy to be wearing their new skin...excited to look and feel more the part...and looking forward for an end to training and the beginning of their flying with Royal Jordanian. There will be more pictures when Pae sends them to me. Like I said, this is what I found from a couple of her friends' profiles...To be continued for sure!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful girls! How exciting for Pae to be able to have this experience. I'm so excited for her but I'm sure you will be missing her alot. Will you get to have visits?
Hugs and Kisses!

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