Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pae and Her Brothers...Then and Now

Pae's mom just recently started a Facebook account, which in itself seems pretty amazing, and posted a couple pictures of Pae and her two brothers, P'Nut and P'Neung. I thought they were cute and wanted to share them here.

I've known the boys for almost four years already. Pae for over five. Looking at these pictures and listening to stories about their childhood, how they were little buddies, etc. makes it even funner to look at these pictures.You know lots and lots about Pae, so here is a little something about each of the boys. P'Neung is the oldest. He's a KMITL graduate in engineering or architecture...I always get it confused! P'Nut is a couple years older than Pae and has lived in my apartment building since I came here. He and Pae share a room as they both attend or attended the university nearby. Both boys are football fans, although one is a Liverpool supporter and the other is a Manchester United fan...bitter rivals of course, historically. They both also like cows and have a small herd of up to 15 cattle or less depending on the time of year, snake bites, babies, etc. P'Neung has also started raising turkeys...I haven't been to the farm in a while so I haven't seen the little gobblers yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I think the family is planning a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam in August...I'm considering tagging along for the four or five day tour...if I do, I'll probably get to go see the turkeys too!P'Neung, at first and still to a less "in-your-face" degree, has always played the "Pae's big brother" role when it comes to his interaction with me. You know "You better not hurt my sister" etc...really funny at first because he never could accept that I would come all the way to Thailand from America to "date" his sister...he was skeptical for a while until we had lots of opportunities to hang out and become more "brotherly". Now he loves to quote Eagles and Queen songs to me and talk about the state of the Thai economy, politics and the meaning of life... He has only one kindney as he gave one to his mom over ten years ago when she needed it. He's a very deep thinker and can often be found reclining on a wooden chair after work staring into the evening sky. His tune has changed though and now he keeps telling me to live in Thailand forever, no need to go back to the U.S.A...I think he'll miss his sister more than the excuse he gives, being, life will be easy for us here compared to the States.P'Nut is still finishing up his university work. He's finding the Law curriculum challenging, but I think he may finish his coursework in the next 12 months or so. He spends most of his free time with his friends, watching football or looking at cow websites on the internet! His knees hurt when he eats chicken, he loves to grow orchids and he faints at the sight of blood! I think he helped bring Pae to the hospital when she had to get her appendix removed. They had all been partying, and he could party for weeks straight without being too tipsy but at the sight of Pae about to go have surgery went spaghetti legged! Since Pae has been in Jordan, he and I have shared many meals together including a giant pot of spaghetti, Kimchi soup, and kimchi fried rice! We would be enjoying the World Cup together right now, but I don't particularly enjoy watching the Thai commentary, while he doesn't like the English announcers!They all three look very cute in these pictures and I can imagine how they were like growing up together, playing hide-and-seek, exploring weeds and rock piles in the neighborhood and riding their bikes together ALL THE WAY to the river and back...good times! They're all grown up now but seems like things never change!

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Beccarigg said...

The first two pics are my favs! Too cute for words!

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