Thursday, June 24, 2010

Extra Crew

This past weekend, Pae was able to fly back to Bangkok for a couple days as "Extra Crew" from Amman. The family came from Ubon for the weekend on zero notice. I was sick with a fever, sore throat, head ache, sinuses, allergies and was coughing up some nice green and yellow "tar balls" the whole weekend, and it lasted well into Tuesday. Pae's visit was quite unexpected but very welcomed by all.We've kept touch by Skype and when Skype is being difficult we talk on the phone...before we found a good phone card, we were paying nearly a dollar per minute...the first week Pae was away was upwards of a hundred dollars! But we got that figured out fast! Now our per minute is only about ten cents. Much better. **Skype is still free, when the connectivity is not an issue.The main reason for Pae's group to come back to BKK was not only for a needed visit home, but also to grab some of their belongings that they left behind and take them to Amman...We went shopping for canned food, packaged food and a whole bunch of ramen noodles...we call ramen "Mama" here, as Mama is the major brand sold in Thailand. The airline allowed an amazing 100 kilograms of baggage, but Pae only weighed in at around 60 between two checked bags.We also shopped for jeans and other clothes that are much cheaper for Pae to purchase in Bangkok. Funny thing, when we passed a stand of rambutan and mangosteen in the market, for about one dollar per kilo, Pae laughed and said that they sell for 30 dollars per kilo in the markets in Jordan!! Crazy!The weekend was pretty non-stop with the family in town and everyone wanting some time with Pae. Time flew right by and the next thing you know we were once again bidding her farewell at the airport as she returned to Amman. The car ride back to the apartment with the family is always a silent one. This time it was raining and we were sitting in Ramkhamhaeng traffic less than three kilometers from home when Pae called before her flight took and I were able to wish Pae a safe flight and fire one last volley of telephone hugs and kisses. Ten minutes and I would be home...parents would leave the next morning for an eight hour drive back to Ubon in time for work and Pae would be home some nine or ten hours later as well.Although we were all headed in different directions, our hearts and thoughts always travel as one. Pae arrived in Jordan safely and flies to Baghdad today. The family arrived in Ubon safely after their long drive, in time to watch the U.S. and England move into the second round of the World Cup. As for me, I sit here finishing up this post, waiting for my sixth grade class to again soon.

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Naomi Hanks said...

Ahh Chris, I'm So sorry that you had to be sick while Pae was visiting! That really sucks! Also, I'm sorry you guys have to be so far apart, I can tell you are lonely. Wish I could be there to hang out with my big bro until you can be with Pae a little more long term. Hope you feel better and I'm super glad you found a way to communicate with Pae for less money. Take care brother!

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