Friday, May 14, 2010

Ubon home, Old house

When we were in Ubon for Songkran last month, Pae and her dad gave me a tour of their old house, the house Pae and her brothers grew up in.The house is a thin-walled two story structure with a big car port area and sits on the lot right next to their current house. It has wooden plank floors, a tin roof and is painted baby blue.Pae showed me her room and her brothers' rooms upstairs as well as the hole in the floor that she used to peek through to see who was visiting downstairs. Her room still had the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling, the Disney badges stuck to the door, as well as the old desk/cabinet that she used to use.The rest of the house was eaten up by termites smelled of old wood. Even with it's age, it was easy to imagine the family living there, the kids in elementary school and the parents younger and just starting out in their first home together.Recently the house was rented out to a couple students and they didn't take care of it at all. Probably the first people to live there in 4 or 5 years actually.The plan for the lot it sits on is to build a small apartment complex, maybe 8 rooms max, for students. That would mean that the old blue house would have to be razed.We took plenty of pictures so I could put the house on the blog, although Pae and her family don't need photos to remember the time in their lives that they called it home.This is the stairway from the first floor (kitchen area, parents room, living room, bathrooms) to the second floor (kids rooms). It is very steep and tough to get up even with the lights on. Having to pee in the middle of the night must have been a challenge, and scary for a 9-10 year old.A picture of the water tank behind the house. Dad was particularly proud of this. Was getting pretty dark so the photo isn't so great.And lastly, the shutters on the windows around the whole house. Not sure when they will break ground for the apartment but I'm sure everyone will miss the old blue house.

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