Monday, May 17, 2010

How do the Thais feel?

Everyone keeps asking me, on Facebook mostly, what side the majority of Thai's are on, speaking of course about the current political conflict here in Bangkok. I think this situation is pretty much split down economic lines...upper half of the tax bracket backing the government and the lower backing the Red Shirts. But the average Thai, in my opinion, supports Thailand...they hate to see their own people killing each other. When teachers at school chide me for wearing a yellow or a red shirt to school, and ask me who I support, I just respond "Thai people".When in Ubon in April, we were watching some of the news about the April 10th incident that left many military and police dead. The news was very graphic, showing the young Army boys, who thought they were controlling the mob or Red Shirts, being attacked and killed by grenades and bullets from militants mingling with the protesters. Very sad and the room was filled with silence, sadness and anger (I was personally pissed off). This picture of Pae watching the footage shows how I think the average Thai feels about the situation.

Seh Daeng, renegade Army general who joined the Reds, just died in his hospital room after being shot in the head by a sniper and a three o'clock ultimatum has just passed for the Reds to leave their stronghold...It's officially Poop + Fan time if you get my drift. Let's hope not too many people die today.

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mardenheyjude said...

Very sad situation. I pray each day for peace in the world.

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