Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dead Sea!!!!!

For all you hear about Mt. Everest being the highest point on Earth, there is a lot less talk about the lowest point on dry land. That would be the Dead Sea!The Dead Sea is located between Jordan on the east and Israel/Palestine/West Bank on the west. It's of course one of the main tourist destinations in Jordan and the first that Pae has had the chance to visit.The new batch of Royal Jordanian Airline flight attendants were scheduled to have another medical exam at the Ministry of Health in Amman, but for some reason it was cancelled and the girls got the day off!They quickly found the concierge at their hotel and booked a van and driver for 84 Jordanian Dinar, about $100, split between 6 of them.As they made the half hour drive towards Israel, Pae got a text message saying "Welcome to Palestine". Weird huh!? They stopped at all of the Dead Sea and Sea Level signs on the way for pictures and eventually made the nearly 1,400 feet drop down to the Dead Sea.The Dead Sea is interesting in that it is full of salt an other minerals. The salinity is so high that a person can float on their back or stomach or their side without treading water, without floatation devices. Here are some pictures of Pae and her friends doing just that...floating in the Dead Sea, chance of a lifetime.
We talked a little bit online and on the phone and she mentioned that she spent some money on a clay spa. She didn't send me any photos, but I'm guessing that the six of them looked quite a bit like these European tourists that they snapped a picture of, applying the black clay to their bodies.
Pae said that the water smelled a little funky and had a bitterly salty flavor. She said that it was so salty that it stung her body when she was floating and swimming. She said that the sun was intense and pretty hot.Pardon me for the lack of information (and for the time stamps on the pics, not Pae's camera). This is new for me too. Normally we share stuff that we did together on the blog. Now I'm posting for both of us but from different locations.We're still not sure if Pae will have time to create her own personal Jordan branch off of "Pae-and-Guy" once she starts training and flying. So for now I'll keep yall up-to-date on her experiences and adventures in Jordan. Enjoy as always!


mardenheyjude said...

WOW!!! I never knew people swim in the Dead Sea, or should I say float in the Dead Sea. I look forward to more posts about Pae's experiences in Jordan. Love always, Auntie

Beccarigg said...

That is crazy! I've heard you could float like that in the Dead Sea but it's pretty wild to see pics of her doing it! So awesome!

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