Sunday, May 16, 2010

Collages in my spare time

I've been fiddling around with photovisi online out of boredom. Not the best for making collages, but it'll do for now. There are actually barely that many options. Anyone know of any better collage tools online or elsewhere?This is obviously a simple collage of Pae and me...The background I used is Port Authority in Manhattan, where we met in NYC.And the one above is one from when Pae left Thailand for Jordan. Again, just messing around, I actually thing using Picasa is better, only, it doesn't have the background know, the scrap booking type backgrounds. We'll keep looking!

1 comment:

mardenheyjude said...

I love the collages. Especially the one with the hearts. I am going back over the years to read your posts and enjoy the pictures. It is so interesting. Pae is very beautiful.

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