Sunday, April 18, 2010

A different side of Songkran

I have tended to post about the fun and revelry of the Thai New Year holiday of Songkran. Today we went to several temples in Ubon and I was able to take some pictures and video of some of the religious statues being wet by worshipers. Unlike out in the streets between strangers, family and friends, the water is gently and respectfully placed on the Buddhist sculptures symbolically cleaning and cleansing them.Wan Payawan is the third day of the Songkran and is when most families will participate in this tradition. Of course people do it over the whole three days, but I guess technically Wan Payawan is the official day for "renewal" and "cleansing". (I'll have to write a quick post about the three days of Songkran)An interesting set up they had at one temple, was a bunch of blue PVC pipe from going into the temple through a window and all the way to the giant Buddhist statue inside the temple. Funnels helped people pour a ladle or bowl or two of water into the pipe system and onto the Buddha. This is a picture of the set up...the blue pipes can be seen in the bottom picture on the left, running to the base of the Buddha.Outside of the temple were many other statues as well as a water station where people could wet the statues. Here are a few of those.They are quite beautiful. There are so many different Buddhist statues.Unable to post the video right now, but if blogger allows, I'll post it eventually.Happy Thai New Year!

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Naomi Hanks said...

I can't believe how beautiful all those statues are! Plus, you are a fantastic photographer so the pictures are great! Glad you guys had a fun new year!

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