Monday, March 15, 2010

Pae's McDreamy

Pae got a phone call yesterday from a friend telling her that there was a special car show at Central World in Bangkok. The car on display was the new Nissan March, which Pae fell in love with a few months ago. It has finally made its way to Thailand and they held an event where you could be one of the first to purchase the new car.Pae was giddy when we got off of the water taxi and walked up to Central World as she could see several Marches, each a different color. She got even more twitterpated (an Uda sister term) when she saw that her dream dude was the spokesperson/presenter for the new car. All I know him as is P'Ken, the heart throb drama actor here in Thailand. He hawks all kinds of goods here with his perfect smile and good looks, from the March, to toothpaste and a home furnishing store.He's huge here. I felt I just had to put P'Ken up on the blog as this is a blog about us, and P'Ken is a big, HOT, giggly part of our lives!Pae's sitting in the passenger seat in this picture by the way...we drive on the "wrong side of the road" here in Thailand.

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