Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pae's Graduation - Family Day

As promised! The family came from Ubon to help celebrate Pae's graduation and all of us spent a good 3 hours outside in the super-hot sun taking pictures to memorialize the occasion.Pae's dad probably tried to play the day straight-faced, but you could tell that he was very proud and happy for Pae. I think he's just not a big fan of having a camera in his face for hours at a time! Who is?Here is the princess again, I think this is an old picture of her. She's a little bit older these days. The graduates have the split second they receive their diplomas from the princess to have a professional photo. Almost every household you visit will have these photos hanging on the walls. The most amazing ones are those taken when the King himself used to give diplomas. But no matter who is giving diplomas, its the culmination of a lot of hard work and an all around happy day.
Red, white and blue are the colors of the Thai flag. There's actually a Central or South American country that has a flag that looks similar, but with the red and blue swapped. Uruguay, Costa Rica? Gotta google that...I just remember seeing it all the time during the Beijing Summer Olympics.We actually took a billion other pictures between two hundred thousand cameras and phones, but this is all for today. It's just so difficult to choose which ones to post and which not to post. Important I guess is to get the family pictures up there so when we look at the blog in a few years it'll help us remember the day. A great day!I actually wore jeans and a decent shirt to the graduation...admitidly, I was wearing slippers, but the work shoes with jeans just looked tacky!
Here are some buddies of Pae's who also graduated on this day. A couple of them are fellow flight attendants with Thai Airlines and Orient Thai Airlines.Can anyone guess what we did after the graduation ceremony? If you can't don't know me bewwy weww do you!? (**Tweety Bird voice)

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