Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Foto - March 5, 2010

First Friday Foto in a couple months! Well, more graduation photos, but from my hours-long wait for the ceremony to finish. We live within a mile of the university in an enclave of university students so you would guess that I would have gone home after dropping Pae off for her practice. A bunch of friends showed up unexpectedly that morning to congratulate Pae and Pond and they crashed at our place (also waiting for graduation to finish) so when I left, there were bodies crashed out on the floor and bed. They smoke a lot as well and I didn't want to be around the second and third hand makes my allergies go berserk! As such, I was kinda relegated to McDonalds for 7 hours. I did make a friend there, although the pale redhead didn't talk too much...He was a good listener, didn't hog the fries and had quite the pleasant smile.

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