Monday, January 11, 2010

Sports Day Main Event?

The last week of December 2009 found our students very busy with finishing up material in their different subjects, taking unit tests, and the term ending mid-term exams. Somehow, like every December here, they found time to participate in the annual Sports Day or "gila see" (sport colors).

The students are, in November or before, separated into several teams...Yellow team, Blue team, Pink team, Orange team...and assigned events including 50 meter swim, 50 meter dash, "glorified team chase" (I don't know what else to call it), Chair ball (basketball without dribbling and a person standing on a chair with a waste basket is the goal/hoop), football (soccer), and tug-o-war. There is also a cheer leading competition. These are the main events.

Teams are given points for first through third place and points are tallied on the final day to determine the Sports Day Champions.

Malcolm and I were chosen to be the teachers on Yellow team and as such, I began talking trash to all of the non-Yellow team students about a month ago all the way through the final events. I believe our team lost miserably, but that's cool, the kids had a good time.

The teachers actually only competed in "parlor games" and chair ball. With Malcolm swatting incoming balls and playing nearly flawless defense, over two matches our team gave up only two goals.

Our first match saw us start slowly as we sorted out our offensive strategy. Down two goals only three minutes into the competition I decided to play less defense and cherry pick at our offensive end. Malcolm let nothing in for the rest of the day, our midfield defense stifled their offensive pressure and frustrated their shooters. With rock solid defensive blocks and steals and through quick passes up the wings in transition, our offense started to thrive and seemingly everything we put up our basket-keep plucked out of the sky with skill and fearlessness. We scored some 10 or more unanswered points to blow the Orange team out of the competition! Outside of a hyper-extended knee, things were perfect! I iced and hobbled around while Blue and Pink competed to see who would be the eventual also-rans to Yellow in the Final!!

And that's what happened, We shut Pink out and scored at will even given their goalie being one of the foreigner parents who stood nearly two meters high! (okay, 6 feet plus, not sure the conversion!) A combination of indirect fire to the "goal" and unexpected shooters made him look like he'd been paid off to throw the game...they had no chance, especially with our superstar goalie keeping an amazing clean sheet and doing it while looking like Shaquille O'neal, stuffing everyone and everything that challenged our basket!!

SO, yeah, we lost the overall title of Sports Day Champs, but we did take the biggest event going away!On to the of the parlor games, or games just to give the kids something to laugh about and to let people rest between the semis and finals of chair ball, was a relay where four or five team members completed a strange task to find the quickest and winning team. Malcolm and I had the two final tasks with Malcolm anchoring the team with the balloon blow and bust. My task was to simply eat a quarter watermelon...and if there's one thing I'm good at it's eating stuff!

We, of course, destroyed the competition even though we were behind after the "finding the coin in a pile of powder using your mouth", the eat the sushi and egg, and drink the warm can of Pepsi competitions we surged ahead with a quick devouring of the succulent melon and the expert blowing ability of our schools English teacher!!Next year I'll talk just as much's just as fun even if we gets the kids more involved and interested...Next year I won't bust my knee...and next year we'll have to spot the chair ball competition 10 points each to make it interesting! LOSERS!!


T.Malcolm said...

That balloon seemed to take ages to burst. I thought that the blood vessels in my head were going to explode whwn I was blowing it up.
Anyway, I hope that we can get some tougher opposition in next year's chairball.

Naomi Hanks said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I can't believe that anyone would be willing to blow up a balloon until it explodes! That would scare me to death! I hope your trash talking brings you to total domination next year! And Good job with your chair ball win! That would have been fun to watch!

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