Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Year's Annual Show

We have a show put on by the students of our primary school and kindergarten annually. It falls on or as near as possible to Father's Day, December 5th. All of the teachers are required to be there to greet and schmooze with parents. It's a half-day event and can never end fast enough truthfully. But we do it because it's in our contract. Last year I was in a much more positive mood when blogging the show.

This year we avoided the numerous photo-ops and probably only were dragged here and there by parents or school people between 5 and 10 times...better than the hours of photos last year!

One thing that came of this years show was the following photo. When we got this picture from one of the Thai teachers, we noticed the uncanny resemblance of Teacher Kenneth with the Family Guy...To show the resemblance, I've put together collage, and you may recognize it as "Find the differences".Having trouble finding differences? THAT'S BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE! They are identical. Duh!

To be fair though...we also made the following printer and scissors (low-tech photoshop) image.

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