Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparing for the King's Birthday

At school, our students have been preparing for the Thai King's annual birthday celebration. The 5th of December is the king's birthday and thus a national holiday. This year it falls on a Saturday.

The students are preparing for a day-long show or dancing, singing and displays. Preparing and practicing during school hours is honestly taking away a lot of 1. contact hours with full classes and 2. focus of the students.

I'm all for celebrating the king's birthday but I think the kids should practice after school like they do back home. As it is now, using my third graders as an example...I'm gonna have to try to squish in The States of Matter, Matter Changing States, Physical Properties of Matter, Measuring Matter, Physical Changes of Matter and Chemical Changes in matter in nine 50 minute class periods...then they have their unit test and then a midterm on Christmas day...which is just another day here in BKK.

This should be an interesting term! Off to class I must run...

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