Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flight delay proves valuable

One of the many stress points about flying is the inevitable flight delay. It happens, one thing out of whack somewhere at some random airport in bum-hump Idaho can cause massive delays in other airports. Here in Thailand, the major delays are usually due to severe weather.

Delays are annoying enough as a passenger, but these days we are seeing how it affects the crew as well. Now that Pae is a flight attendant, I have to pay attention to her schedule and the cities she is flying to, time of the day, weather, and I even need to understand what airport a connecting flight is coming from so that I can kinda guesstimate what kind of delays she will encounter.

Sometimes she is scheduled to get back to Bangkok at 9 PM and she shows up at midnight!

So, in general, for most people most of the time, flight delays are a negative.

I mentioned in a previous posting that I was kinda disappointed that I may never get any photos of Pae on board her plane while she was working or at work. The other day, due to a mechanical problem with the aircraft, her flight was delayed. The F/A's were ready to board passengers but the airline decided to wait until the problem was taken care of before herding the passengers aboard only to have them sit and wait.During this short delay, one of Pae's friends from her graduating class dug around in her luggage and pulled out a camera phone! These are the photos from that "shoot".
Today I'm quite happy for that delay...not only for the photos, but because the airline was willing to delay their plane for the sake of safety.Safety First...I have precious cargo on this flight!


Naomi Hanks said...

Awesome Pictures! Pae is the cutest flight attendant I have ever seen! Glad she has someone to worry about her while she's in the air. Love you guys!

Beccarigg said...

"I have precious cargo on that flight" Um, that is possibly the sweetest thing I have ever read. I'm seriously getting a little choked up here. You are whipped over that girl : ) Love it!!

Great pictures by the way! I agree with Omi, Pae is the cutest F/A ever! (Much cuter than the grumpy nasty lady I had to deal with on our flight home from SLC last week! Don't even get me started on that lady...)

Moxy Jane said...

Pae is so grown up looking - and I really like their uniforms! Very professional!

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