Monday, November 16, 2009

View from the cockpit

Pae is flying again today. I guess it's still new to me...You know, I go to school and teach every day and I don't think there are people thinking to themselves "Guy is teaching right now" or "Guy teaches today".

Just every time she goes up, I note her flight times, he flight numbers, the weather, etc. I almost feel like the spouse of a law enforcement officer, not worried every moment of the day, but aware. Knock wood.

One thing from her first two flights that she said was really cool is that she got to serve the pilots refreshments halfway through the flight. She said that when you look out the cockpit windows, it feels like you are floating in a balloon, rather than speeding through the sky at 400 mph. She said that usually you are looking out the side of the aircraft and everything is moving sideways, but you are looking forward from the cockpit and it looks like everything is either moving very slowly or standing still. I thought it was interesting!

Pictures of her graduation ceremony soon, either during my lunch break or after school! Happy Monday!

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