Monday, November 16, 2009

Rotting flesh

Long story short, I was late for school again today. No taxis. No rain. Huh? Saw on the news that there may be some protests but figured that was on Sunday rather than early morning Monday. Why is there not transportation?

Ah, motorcycle! "Dude, Soi 18, 100 baht? OKAY!"

I put on the greasy helmet and off we zoom...500 meters...then...PARKING LOT!!

We didn't even make it out of our soi and the traffic was at a stand still. Another morning here in Bangkok where there were people walking along the side of the road just to try to get to work. This is probably the second worst it's ever been in the past three years. No flooded roads today though...odd. What is causing the traffic havoc?

About 7 kilometers into out ride, we come up to what looked like a bunch of heavy equipment cleaning up a water main break or gas explosion in the middle of a main intersection. Back hoe and tractors clearing all lanes of the road, only motorbikes able to pass. From about 500 meters I could smell the stench of rotting meat. Huh? There were 10-15 police officers all talking on walkie talkies standing around what used to be a five ton truck. The tractors and backhoes were cleaning up a few tons of rotting pig innards that the truck had been carrying! This caused much more rubber necking than usual as everyone was trying to see if it was people dead and bloody across the highway...

There were rumours at school that the truck crashed with bus, but I'm not sure about that. All I know is that it stuffed traffic up pretty bad for at least the hour it took me to navigate the 8 kilometers to school.

Got to school and there were teachers laughing at me as I got off of a little moped and payed the driver 100 baht. I guess I look pretty goofy with the little pink Hello Kitty helmet on...who knew! Other teachers were getting foot massages in my first period class. Apparently they weren't as lucky as me and couldn't find a motorcycle...they walked...been there done that...feel bad for them...Such is life in BKK!
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