Monday, November 16, 2009

OX Batch 17 Graduation

I was going to wait for the professional photos before posting a graduation/wing ceremony blog...but I couldn't wait. My dark, out of focus pictures will just have to do! Deal with it!!

After a long month of training, the whole of their group graduated, together. Some of them heave prior experience as flight attendants on other airlines, many of them are straight out of school. After attending the ceremony, I can tell you one thing...they were all hugs and smiles!Relieved to be finished with their training, proud to have "made it" and a little nervous what their first flight would be like, if they would forget anything important, or if their purser would scold them.The ceremony itself was pretty simple, with 21 graduates total and only about 10 or so guests. The CEO's daughter (I think) pinned on the wings and gave a short speech about wearing the uniform, pride, being a walking billboard for the airline, etc. Others gave speeches and then the boys and girls got their wings.When I asked Pae later how she felt at the moment she had her wings pinned on, she ho-hummed the experience "mmmm, I felt normal, it was okay" but the pictures I got tell another story!! Grinning ear to ear!Earlier, before the ceremony started, one of her mentors showed up to attend...the room lit up when she came in as many of the girls know her, studied English with her, or just got advice from matter what their relationship with Ajarn Aum, they all love her and were super happy to see her and share the moment with her.Here are some other pictures that I wanted to share from Pae's training. Aircraft familiarization, first aid, evacuation, etc.The only pictures I don't have right now, that I know do exist somewhere, are the ones from their pool sessions...water landing, water ditching, water survival, etc...I'm waiting for those still and will post some when I get them!We're watching a Japanese series right now called "Attention Please" that takes you through the life and experiences of a girl striving to become a flight attendant. It's fun to see how I react differently to the show than does Pae...she having experienced much of the same type of training...kinda like when we watch military movies...a little different for me.OX Batch 17...time to fly! Fly safely!


Beccarigg said...

Pae looks so good in her uniform. Even if she wasn't your fiance, I would say she was the prettiest girl in the bunch. What? It's true!

That's cool that you got to be there for her wing pinning ceremony. Even though she "felt normal" she definitely looks pretty happy to be officially graduated.

Pae and Guy said...

I have to agree!! Well, I don't HAVE to...but I do!

I think that day she was just a little nervous about ACTUALLY flying. Now that she has a good 10 flights under her belt (already) and doesn't see her friends as often any more, I think the graduation probably holds more know, looking back on it.

All I know is that she was scheduled for flights in the AM, but they changed her to PM due to last night's flight delays...meaning I won't see her until near midnight again! Crud!

Anonymous said...

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