Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Foto - November 13, 2009

Today's picture comes straight from the tarmac of Don Muang Airport here in Bangkok. This is a picture of Pae's flight attendant trainee group and their instructors after they completed a day of evacuation drills from MD-80 Series aircraft and Boeing 747s. They all had some chills and thrills as well as a good time.

The chills and thrills came from actually evacuating the aircraft. I guess there are three ways to evacuate down the slides. One is where you sit and slide. The next you stand and jump onto the slide in the sitting position. The final one, for rapid evac is where you have to get a running start and jump out of the door onto the slide in the sitting position!

The one that had hearts dropping was the latter of course. Imagine being a couple stories up and having to run and jump out of a window! Heck, even if you know there is s balloon slide down there to catch you, it is still a little tough to take that first step! A definite "leap of faith"!

I was at the graduation the other night and as you may be able to see from this photo, there is a bond between this group that is priceless. Funny thing for them is that, as they are all junior flight attendants now, they are unlikely to fly together anytime soon. One junior per flight! Cell phone charges are going to go up though!

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