Saturday, November 7, 2009

A few more Loy Krathong Day pictures

Here are some pictures of our Loy Krathong Day last earlier this week. It was a very hot night with the full moon shining brightly. We got a larger krathong this year, it's the one in the foreground in this first picture. We put our krathong in the river close to our apartment complex, so it wasn't crowded at all. I'd guess that when we were there, about 100 people max on both sides of the river were "loying" their krathongs.Here is a picture of some traditional krathongs that the students and teachers made at school the afternoon of the festival. I believe they were being sold by the students as well. Small carpentry nails are used to attach the banana leaves to the piece of banana tree trunk which makes up the floaty part of the krathong. It's then filled with flowers, a candle and incense.The festival at school was held in a covered area out of the intense sun. Here is the backdrop to the festival assembly made by our Thai art teacher. You'll notice the krathong with candles and incense...and it looks like there may be a sparkler there on the left as well...and also the Full Moon is there on the right, as Loy Krathong day is held on the full moon in November, or more specifically, the twelfth month of the Thai Lunar Calendar.

During the assembly, the English program students sang an English version of the Loy Krathong song and other students told the story of Loy Krathong day. ONe of the school administrators also warned the kids against playing with fireworks and to be careful of fire during the festival as hundreds of people are hurt annually by fire...yeah...I then go to the klong with Pae and reach across our krathong to borrow a lighter from some lady and proceed to burn my arm on the already lit incense!!! I'm a genius!I always say that our klong or small river doesn't support life...This picture might prove differently though. We saw this small turtle swimming across the river as we followed our krathong. Technically, I think he was just crossing to the other side...following the chicken perhaps! Other than some goofy kids that actually swim in the klong, it's the first living thing I've seen braving its putrid waters!

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