Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ditching and Evacuation drills

A little late, but I finally got my hands on some of the photos from Pae's training in the pool. (Thanks Prae, stole them from your FB album!) I know I've put a lot of the group photos up and stuff, skip them if they bore you! I just want to share and also document the occasion.This will be great for Pae to look back on in 10 years as my Marine Corps group photos are to me. The above picture is one of the group after land evacuation training on the tarmac at the airport, standing in the only place where there is shelter from the sweltering sun...under the fuselage of the airplane.The pool training for water landing, ditching, etc involved a lot more than the pictures here, but this is all that I can find so far. I was initially confused by the first pictures...It looks an awful lot like synchronized swimming to me! The American judge gives a perfect 10 to the flight attendant team from Thailand!!Here is the whole group, dripping wet yet still posing after a pool session.After training they all went out to a Japanese buffet, Oishi Express, and oinked out together.I was thinking yesterday that I may actually not ever get too many pictures of Pae actually working! Not like I can follow her on her flights and have her cheese it up while she's doing demo, prepping the galley, doing cabin service, arming doors, lifting carry on luggage...etc. Although she did say that some of the tourists like to snap photos during the demo or when the F/A is briefing the passengers sitting in emergency exit rows.


Kevin Hanks said...

Don't they teach you how to throw bags of roasted peanuts across the fuselage to hungry passengers? that's what I want MY flight attendents to learn!!

Pae and Guy said...

As long as you're tossin' a five spot back the other way! I hear airlines are charging for that these days!

OX peanuts are free...and they are cracker/cookie coated!

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