Sunday, November 8, 2009

Closer to pinning on her wings

I've been here in the apartment pretty much alone this whole weekend...which is pretty much par for the course this past month due to Pae's training. She usually has Sunday off, but she had to go today to take her super final...the scary one. She's passed all of her evaluations, tests and examinations up to this point, but this big exam basically says who flies and who has to be recycled the following group or dropped completely from training.

I just got a text from Pae...the same Pae who has pretty much been awake for the past month (tiny exaggeration). It reads:

"98 out of 100! I passed!"

I knew she would do well, but who gets a 98% on anything anymore?? Shocked, I texted her back something to the tune of "You kicked butt". Depending on her Monday and Tuesday training, I'm pretty sure she'll be receiving her flight attendant wings on Wednesday!! She's close and the end of the tunnel which I've labeled "flight attendant boot camp"!! I smell ice cream cake in our immediate future!

Here is a picture I found on her camera the other day of her and most of her training group...she's over there on the left...the cute one! ;)I have to get my school materials all squared away so I can take a half day or something...

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Pae and Guy said...

Apparently there was a grading mistake...They called her this morning and told her that she got a perfect score!

So you can all feel super safe and taken care of if you ever fly on Pae's know, in case of a water ditching, fire on board, hijacker, or pilots updating their FB status in the cockpit!

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