Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gender Roles?

Its funny to read some of my students' writing assignments because I can already see, even from third grade, the kids developing and embracing gender roles. Not sure in "gender role" is really the right term, but the boys are definitely boyish and the girls, well, girly.

Example, I have a fifth grade class of 10 boys and 6 girls. They had to write an essay with the topic "If I was a(n) ______________".

Here are some stats:

If I was a ninja (x4)
If I was a killer (x2)
If I was a robot
If I was a
super alien monster robot
If I was a
If I was a Jedi Lord
If I was a
police man

If I was a cat
If I was an adult
If I was a doctor
If I was a movie star
If I was
Hello Kitty

The girls' papers were sweet and involved saying who their best friends were and what best friends do together, crossed over into bunny rabbits, kittens and sharing snacks, while the boys' were fraught with killing, bombs, guts, destruction and poo. Too many video games if you ask me.

Here are two examples, one from a boy and one from a girl in my class. I'm sure you can guess which is which...(Grammar and spelling not corrected, typing as written)

If I was a killer, I will kill many people. 10 years pass, I will be legend killer. All people in the city will die. I will shoot, I will cut, I will kick, I will punch, I will slam, I will hit and I will kill!! You will die. I will kill people to 1,000,000 person.

Boom! You die. Die and die. Die all people die. I like it. Boom! Ha! You die. All people in the country will die. All people in the world will die. Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! I will kill policeman. Boom! The police die. Ha! ha!

Zinck! Ha! ha! The samurai die. EEEEzzzzz! The robot die. Ha! ha! ha! Boom!!!!! The Fuji Mountain burst. Ha! ha! ha! Bong! The dog die. Ha! Meowww! The cat die. Boom! You die. Ouch. I'm hurt by kitten. I kicked the kitten.

Crack! I'm back stab to Carlito. Carlito is the Eat Spit man. Crack. I'm codebreaker to Chris Jericho. Wack! I hit the rabbit. Ha! Bang! The other killer die. Wack! Again. (Student's name) come Ouch! I'm spear edge. Edge is a wrestler. And I will kill you. Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Ahh! Help me! Ha! You are burned. "Let me burned you" Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

So, a little violent would you say? This paper is representative of pretty much all of the boys' papers. Interesting to do some psychoanalysis on these kids if you ask me! Next...does this sound a little like a girl?
If I was an adult I would do yoga and dance. I would have fun. I will go to discotec and dance however I want. I will not drink or smoke, but I will dance however I want! Next I will sleep 72 hours and when I wake up I will take a shower and brush my teeth and dress up and I will go to the shopping mall like Paragon, Central, Robinson's, Future Park, JJ Mall, Emporium and JJ Market. Then I will buy everything I want...if I have money, ha ha ha. Next I will go home and sleep until morning. I will have egg and bacon and sausage for breakfast and then I will do everything over and over and over again. The End.
Interesting no?


Beccarigg said...

That was SOOOOO dang funny!! I swear that little boy's paper is something Josh would've written when he was a kid. The scary part was his maniacal laughing in between all the killing. Way too many video games for that kid! And the little girl with her shopping, yoga, and dance. That is just too too funny!

Titan and I said...

Ah, yes. Titan is already becoming a violent little boy. He is constantly trying to beat the crap out of something. Don't know where he gets that from. Fallout 3 isn't a violent game is it?

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

That is seriously disturbing...especially if that is a representation of all the boys....SCARY!

Pae and Guy said...

Yes, all ten boys' papers were littered with killing, bombing and dying. Some of them were pretty graphic as well..Seems the level of violence was on par with their English ability as well.

I think parents have so little time to spend with their kids and just hand them a PSP and stick them in a corner. Keeps them quiet and out of their hair...I guess that's nothing new though, anywhere in the world.

Naomi Hanks said...

I read this with Kevin's cousin Jennie and we couldn't stop laughing! Some of those kids need some serious help!

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