Friday, October 2, 2009

Facebook Funnies - October 2, 2009

Okay, I have been spending a little more time on Facebook lately doing, as I tell my science students, "agricultural simulations" (aka playing Farmville). So I've been paying a little more attention to some of the "updates" posted by my "friends" (honestly there are one or two of them I don't really know how they got there!)

Sometimes I laugh out loud at things that people say on there, so, I decided to share one of these. This is the inaugural post under the title "Facebook Funnies". It may catch or it may fall flat on its face, all I know is that today's is pretty funny.

It comes from a buddy I served with on a mission in Korea. He's got a boy and here is what he has to say...(names taken out for privacy reasons):

Tried to explain to (my) Star Wars and Indiana Jones-obsessed son that Han and Indy are actually the same guy. (He) had to compare Legos to be sure.

Pics of Pae's Malaysia trip coming soon, Friday Foto too, hopefully!

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