Thursday, September 17, 2009

Piss Poor!

I just finished getting two photos scanned at a "professional" digital photo shop near the mall. I got them on my USB thumb drive, whatever they're calling them these days, payed and took them home. Apon closer inspection on the home computer, the quality of the scan is Grade Z, about as far from "good" or "professional" as I think you can get.

Pae needs these tomorrow for online resumes, etc. Nice, I mean, you and O wouldn't submit a hard copy resume to the employer of our dreams with a coffee stain or a giant bloody buggar smack dab in the dead center of the document, you know, something super obvious. So why is it okay to give me a piss poor scan that looks like it came from Fred Flintstone's prehistoric little point-and-shoot, bird inside chiseling a rock slab, camera took it. Hell, it would have done a better job and probably only cost me a couple stones or a head of lettuce in trade. As it is, I had to pay 50 baht for this PISS POOR scan job.

I know why it sucks so horribly, the same reason our fake DVD player stopped playing most DVDs we've tried to watch lately. Their scanner is probably the cheapest thing they could find with a fake name that sounds like a real if they can fool some people.

Get this, funny as heck, our DVD player's brand is "WG" and the logo is the exact same font, weight, position, etc as the "LG" logo. We bought it cuz it was cheap, not cuz we thought it was an LG! You see things like this all the time, "Parasonic" televisions (fake Panasonics), "Pama" shoes (fake Pumas), guess they're going for some type of brand recognition.

Nothing is safe from the counterfeiters...make up, food, electronics, clothes, handbags, jewelery...there's even a huge culture of boys dressing like girls here, "Lady Boys" or "Ka tueys" in Thailand, many betrayed only by their raspy voices and super outgoing personalities. Many with hormone and surgically added/enhanced boobage (Hehe, I said boobage) and many with the super expensive and horrifying "filet-o-dong" surgery...although visually gross, very interesting how they can make a vagina out of a penis.

I was buying noodles last night across from the apartment and a group of 5 Lady Boys passed me, stared and the lead tranny gave me the "Oak Ridge Boys" wide eyes (no mustache) and bursted, "I know you want me!" flirtingly.

Just like the poor sucker who buys fake gems here at markets purporting genuine stock, I feel bad for the dude who gets his karaoke bar score home only to find an unexpected appendage downstairs.

Piss poor i tell you, piss poor! And the workers were so nice. Whatever. Rant complete.

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Beccarigg said...

Lol! That sucks about your picture but I have to admit your rant had me laughing and shaking my head thinking "Oh no he didn't!!"

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