Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mmm, mmm, mmm

Although I watched entirely too much Fox News this weekend in Pae's absence, I just caught myself, absent-mindedly singing under my breath in the internet cafe, "Mmm, mmm, mmm...Barack Hussein Obama!"

I realized what I was doing and had to laugh.

More interestingly, I got a bit sick of Fox News and flipped one channel down on our cable to Al Jazeera. Funny thing was that they had a special talking about how Fox News coverage of this presidency as well as people like Glen Beck's angry diatribes against the left and Obama, Hannity's uber-bias and resent for anyone who disagrees with him, Bill "Jerkoff" O'Reilly's luring left guests onto his show, nicely greeting them, then pouncing on them and going for the kill, never once giving them an opportunity to explain themselves without him slobbering all over his desk in a foaming mouth-rabid rage, etc, is having a big influence on the public...probably half of whom get their news coverage from the, on of few, conservative news station.

It was a very well put together piece, unbiased, and also gave a fair amount of blame to other forms of media as well as some of the more left media outlets.

I can see how internationals who only have Fox News as their English speaking news provider can feel so negatively towards the U.S. The Al Jazeera coverage I watch gives a much fairer and objective account of the happenings back home, in my opinion. The anchors report facts without taking sides and that is a relief for me to watch. I don't need Megan Kelly sitting there with her sour face trying to convince me that Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to America. I don't need Greta Vandouchebag trying to convince me that our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Tell me what happened, tell me what he said, tell me what she said, but don't try to brainwash me. Let me make the decision myself.

Geraldo, you get a pass, you've been mostly fair with most of your guests and have even stood up to several of the Fox bullies.

Rant on pause for now...
**note/question to self...why do you keep flipping back to that channel anyway? Ah, Pae will be home soon so I'll have someone to talk to...turn the t.v. off for a month!

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Rachel said...

Amen! "Fair and Balanced" my butt!

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