Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Idiot Uncovered

The second grade's "Buy me nice things and I'll have sex with you" performance just finished and I found out from several sources who the idiot was who selected that song. (My Humps)

I was gonna go light on them, because I assumed it was a Thai teacher who chose the music, and they likely just knew the music and thought it was cool, with no regard for the meaning of the lyrics. Excusable if you ask me.

I was wrong, it was not a Thai teacher. It was one of our English Program teachers who should know the feeling behind this song. I'll not mention his/her name but if you're close enough to this school you will certainly put two and two together. Careful or you'll be booking the next red eye on Cebu Air.

I do often foray into the grey area, but as a science teacher it is perfectly on the up and up. We talk anatomy, reproduction, etc. but nothing other than educationally. And I know when to stop the giggling students and make sure they are concentrating on the lesson and not giggling off into funny words and things they saw on tv.

But to spend several weeks preparing and practicing with your students, a performance to the song "My Humps", is not sending a good message to anyone.

Granted, the little dance the 7 year olds did was cute, but when the school loud speakers are blasting "Mix your milk with my cocoa puff" and "Whatcha gonna do with all that ass, inside those jeans" and "all that breast inside that shirt"...and the response is "I'm gonna make you scream" and "make you work"...i hope you'd agree with me that it's not for 7 year olds. Apparently one qualified English teacher here at my school disagrees with me.

Whatever. Rant complete.


Naomi Hanks said...

That is insane! If I was a parent and found out what the words to that song meant, I would do everything I could to get that teacher fired! I can't believe that was taught to 7 year olds!

Pae and Guy said...

To be fair, they only danced to the song, but the lyrics were seriously blaring and they practiced to the music for days prior to the performance.

But, my 4th graders have their open house next Tuesday...they have, most of them, memorized the lyrics to the dance and song they are doing...this time a love song taught to them by the art teacher...I asked them today, after they sang almost every verse, "Do you know what the words mean?" They giggled and said no.

They imitate, they copy and its just fun for them, regardless of the meaning of the lyrics. The people at school who I mentioned this to didn't make a big deal of it. "Mai ben rai" (Forget it) A popular way to solve problems here...until a parent complains.

Titan and I said...

I agree with you 100%. Being a parent you have to understand there are things out of your control and you have to talk to your kids on a daily basis. There is a lot of garbage on the radio/tv and people out there that don't have a lot of common sense. Granted, this occurred supposedly on controlled school property and is unacceptable. Just because the kids don't understand what it means, doesn't make it ok.

Beccarigg said...

Oh man I would be FURIOUS if that happened at my kid's school. The problem with music too is that it gets stuck in your head and it's so hard to get out. Even if those kids don't know exactly what it all means, it's just wrong!

I remember in high school having to ride the bus and there was always raunchy music playing. One particularly catchy and vulgar song came on and I pretty much begged the bus driver to turn it off and he wouldn't. I was SOOOO glad when I finally got my license. Yeah the big 12 passenger ghetto van was embarrassing to drive, but much better than listening to that awful music!

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