Friday, September 4, 2009

Funyun Breathe!

No pictures yet, but I never thought for a million years that I would post a blog with the title "Funyun Breathe!"

My awesome sister (Becca, "The Marathoner") sent me a birthday/Christmas/I-love-my-brother package in the mail, and it was waiting for me at home today when I got off of work.

I can't tell you how bad this week was at work...between rain, flooding, working sick, spicy stomach, school issues, the last four posts on this blog, has truly been my first "bad week" since I moved here.

The hug at the end of each day always turns the poor first 12 hours of the day into a distant memory, or a great first 12 into an even greater day. Pae is usually the one to provide the loving hugs, but today a surprise arrived from the states...a hug from home.

I first sat amazed at the sight and feel of a real bag of Funyuns in my greasy little hands. Then came the Cool Ranch Doritos...The Reeses Pieces...The Chex Mix...The HAMBURGER HELPER...Yes...Hamburger Helper! Holy Freakin' Crap! There is now a box of Hamburger Freakin' Helper in my cabinet waiting to be slightly burned by yours truly in our electric wok!

After I realized that I wasn't dreaming, I began to read the packaging of each lovingly packed item, most of which are General Mills products. Becca scores iPods from Taber's work and Chris just scored a box full of Heaven! (Hamburger stinkin' Helper!) I may send it to Kevin to have him frame it for me, but then again, that would cost me probably $30 just for the shipping.

Anyway, its been so long since I've seen any of these products, snacks that two and a half years ago were staples in my daily diet! I've since substituted Doritos with Spicy shrimp chips, granola with deep fried watermelon rice crisps. So eating this "care package" is gonna be like sitting in my parachute pants for 5 hours listening to "80's Flashback Countdown!" on my boom box, only enjoying myself a whole lot more!

I sat with the snacks spread out on the bed, troubled as to which I should open first. Or should I say, trying to resist the temptation to open all of the packages at once and nibble a bit of this and gobble a bunch of that!

Sis, you know what beats the Starburst and even the Hamburger Heaven, is your note that you included in the package. The fact, as you alluded to, that we are able to communicate and stay in each other's lives, watch each other and our families grow and experience all manner of awesome life experiences, despite the distance, etc., even more with most of us using our personal blogs...that truly beats any big box of yummy snacks! Don't get me wrong! The snacks warm your brother's tummy, but the love from home warms my heart and the whole of me. I love you and thank you!

I'm glad, even though we've (all of us brothers and sisters), grown and eventually gone our own directions, that we are able to stay in touch, and are able to be a part of each other's lives.

As for right now, I should post this, go have a soda, and brush the Funyuns out of my teeth and off of my tongue! Or maybe I'll skip the brushing of the teeth (now that's not a good example for Teya and Brin) just so the taste can linger a little longer! Funyuns don't grow on trees ya know!

Thanks Riggs Family! We're feelin' the love and it'll stay with us forever...not just in the heart, but around the midsection as well!


Beccarigg said...

Wow! I can't believe it got to you already! Two thumbs up to the good old US postal service! I was laughing out loud at your giddiness over the hamburger helper (seriously, General Mills needs you to be their spokesperson!) And Teya asked me what I was laughing at. So I told her that Uncle Chris got the package we sent him. She smiled and said, "I really want to meet him, do you think he'll like me?" I said, "of course he will! (especially if you bribe him with hamburger helper ; )

Anyway, so glad it got to you and hope you enjoy your 80's flashback style indulgences! Love you tons!

Naomi Hanks said...

Ha Ha! Kevin came home with a bag of Funyuns and a load of bad breath the other day, but I think I was much less excited about it than you! :) We tend to take things for granted when they are readily available. One thing is for sure though, when living so far away from everyone you love it is a wonderful thing to get a little note and a little love! Glad you got some love brother!

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