Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Foto - September 4, 2009

It's Friday again. For that fact alone I celebrate this day. And what better way to do that than to share today's Friday Foto!This is a picture of Pae and I riding late at night on a moped down in the beach town of Cha-am. Cha-am is a few kilometers outside of Hua Hin, both lie on the western shores of the Gulf of Thailand. If I had to compare Cha-am to Hua Hin, I would say that Hua Hin is more of a tourist or expat spot, while Cha-am has cheaper hotels and food and is more geared to the Thai vacationer.

Mopeds are a big part of the transportation web here and you see all kinds of people cruising on their Vespas, Finos, and all sorts of hybrid types of small bikes. Morning commutes are usually spent sitting in heavy rush hour traffic, but as you sit there in your taxi or on your bus, mopeds are constantly whizzing between vehicles to the front of the traffic light or around an accident or stalled bus.

It's funny to see people carrying refrigerators on a moped or a 15 foot high stack of toilet paper. You'll often see a father driving, a child standing on the little moped platform near the handlebars, and two more smaller kids sandwiched between the dad and the mom, who takes up the rear. 5 on a moped...dangerous but I have to say that every time I see it, I chuckle. There are actually countless deaths annually due to crashed mopeds. Either drunk driving, driving in bad weather, careless cars or buses not paying attention to where the mopeders are and running them off of the road or just slamming into them right out.

I see burn scars on the legs of men and women here daily, from their legs getting fried after touching the red hot exhaust pipes of their bike. We haven't had the need to purchase a car or a moped yet and I think it'll likely stay that way. If we need, we rent.

Anyway, this picture was taken after a long day at the beaches. I think this occasion we were driving into Hua Hin to the night market. Pae drove, and I think I drove (first time) back to the hotel later that night! Fun, dangerous, exciting! Topping the moped out at 80 kmh on sketchy roads, in the dark, feeling the humid air blowing through my damp t-shirt, Pae holding on to me for dear life and us knowing that there is one more day of laziness left before rejoining the rest of the little worker bees in Bangkok on Monday.

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Beccarigg said...

That pic is cool, kinda artsy you know? That would be crazy to see a whole family with kids on a moped. Kinda reminds me of cramming our whole family into Dad's little Toyota. I vividly remember squeezing myself into the space where the passengers feet are supposed to go. Good times!

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