Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Foto - September 18, 2009

Managing timezones is usually no problem when it comes to the Friday Foto. Since I'm a day ahead of most of you, I just have to wait until afternoon here on Friday so that it is technically after midnight for you. If I post before noon here, the date on the blog is always Thursday, and this is not "Thursday Foto"!

I'm a little jammed for time today though, so I'm gonna have to either skip the photo or post it a few minutes early. Early it is. So here is today's "Your Thursday, My Friday Foto(s)".Resumes here in Thailand are cool in that they almost always include a headshot. Pae had her photos taken at a small studio the other day for her resume (her first resume that we worked on until 4:00AM this morning!). This first photo is the one that will grace the cover of pretty much all resumes that she submits for consideration in her post-graduate job hunt.Some jobs also require a full body photo. Here is Pae's full body photo. I'm not used to seeing Pae wear a lot of makeup, this is perhaps the only picture of her that I've ever seen with her wearing makeup, or at least a substantial amount of it! Pae is also a flip flops girl, and this was the first time I've ever seen her in 4 inch heels! First time I've seen her wear bright pink and first time in a suit! First time her hair has been plastered to her head as, a photo of firsts!

I think these are lovely photos of Pae. I personally think she is an amazing natural beauty, but what's even more is that when you get to know her, there is so much more inside that is absolutely beautiful. Pae is one of the most considerate and loving people I know...this is where her real beauty lies.

A little more about Thai resumes, or Curricula Vitae (CV). I've done hundreds of resumes and tell you the truth, it's always a stressful ask. Thai CVs are a little different, as mentioned already they come with a photo. What is interesting with a Thai style CV is that most of the Thai examples I saw have a "Personal Data" section where the applicant puts their sex, religion, age, marital status, nationality, height, weight, etc., things that may actually be against the law in the states for an employer to either ask or to base a hiring decision on. I guess for modeling or acting gigs and stuff like that age, height and weight are necessary for a prospective employer to know. On the other hand, many airlines require certain height to weight ratio for consideration to be cabin crew, probably something that wouldn't fly back home.

These photos are a result of our second attempt to scan and put them into digital/electronic format. Still not the best scans in the world but not as PISS POOR as the first rip off joint I went to yesterday.


Beccarigg said...

Wow! Those pictures are GORGEOUS! How lucky for you to have a woman who is so beautiful on the inside and out! I've seen little glimpses of her personality through your blog (her love for dogs, plants, you ; ) She really is a special girl. I can't wait to meet her someday! Good luck with the job search, those pictures are fantastic!

Naomi Hanks said...

Holy Cow!!! Pae is SO beautiful...but of course...I already knew that. I agree with Becca 100% Good luck on the job search! Love you guys!

Rachel said...

Wow! Pae is a beautiful gir! Good thing she has the inner beauty going too. That's what counts.

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