Monday, September 14, 2009

Fowl poetry

There are dozens of pigeons that live on the roofs of all of the apartment complexes in our soi. We've been "lucky" to have a fertile pair camp out and nest right under the two air con units between ours and our neighbor's balconies. They actually do most of their mating activity directly across from our window, in plain sight, broad daylight. It's like National Geographic up close, high def, on the big screen.

After they finish their "female-sitting-male flying" acrobatics, they cruise over to our place and make a nest, lay eggs, sit on eggs, and after a while, a couple loud and hungry chicks pop out. The other morning I couldn't sleep through the bird noises outside. I had to speak in front of the school that day, so I quickly jotted down a quick poem to read to the kids at assembly:
I want to eat chicken

I was peacefully dreaming of girls with curled tresses
It was still dark outside when I heard a strange thud
I want to eat chicken

Coo, Coo, Coo
I can’t sleep
Bird, please be quiet
I want to eat chicken

I open my window
My cactus is broken, a bird’s feather stuck to its spines
Coo, Coo, I want to eat chicken

There they are, two birds
One jumping on the other
Coo, Coo, right next to my window
I want to eat chicken

Will you please be quiet
And stop making babies by my window?
Go away, please
Coo, Coo, “Shut up Teacher Guy”

I pick up a rock
I throw it at the stupid birds
I’m still sleepy so I miss
They fly away into the still dark morning
I want to eat chicken

I will think about you stupid birds,
Today, when I’m eating chicken
You are my enemy
I want to eat chicken

Yeah, so I read my bitter poem to the kids, they loved it and laughed. Each class I went to during they day brought up the poem, the main line that stuck with them being the title "Shut up Teacher Guy" and "You are my enemy, die!" I heard that chanted in one class before I entered.

Several of my classes just finished a unit on sexual and asexual reproduction, life cycles, etc. but none of the students picked up on the fact that the pigeons were mating outside of my window early in the morning. When asked "Why is the poem titled I want to each chicken", 0nly one student all day came up with the right answer. The answers were "Because you didn't eat breakfast" or "Because you were hungry" or "You don't like fish".

It's a challenge to get kids who seem only interested in video games and Hello Kitty, to thing on a different plane, use logic or associate words and meanings. We're working on it though!


Beccarigg said...

"Shut up teacher guy!" hahahaha! Love it!!! Nothing like those national geographic moments to inspire a little poetry : )

Naomi Hanks said...

HA HA HA! Chris! You are so funny. Only you would write a poem like that for your students! He He! Sorry about your perverted bird friends. Hope you get some better sleep soon! :)

Titan and I said...

Stop making babies by my window! H I larious!!

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