Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flashback cafe - Elvira

Out of nowhere lately, I've been bombarded with this song that Mom Betsy used to listen to when I was a kid. We listened to country when I was growing up and honestly I can't really stomach it too much anymore although it is much better than some of the crap music that's out there. DIfferent strokes for different folks I guess. The stuff that we listened to back in the day is classic.

Yesterday on Fox News (international) there was a Fox News Extra with The Oak Ridge Boys singing their hit "Elvira" in NYC. Alone, the song is just another song from the 80's. But add thirty years and bring it to youtube and it's just awesome!

What makes it even funnier than the fact that I ran into it while channel surfing, is that a week or two ago, Pae's brother P'Nut and his buddy P'Ae were listening to Thai songs on the computer while chugging cheap Thai beer. I ran over to check email on the computer, and for a joke, opened youtube and this song "Elvira" cuz it's still one that sticks in my brain even three decades later.

These two Thai guys got an absolute kick out of it and we proceeded to find multiple versions and watch them all, from the Chipmunk version to the version with them old and grey singing it! Freaking hilarious. The only thing about the video is that they don't show enough of the dude I call "Wolfman". I think their favorite is when Richard Durbin sings the LOW LOW LOW verses! Now everytime I see those two guys together, they're all like "Giddyup baoom bop ba mowmow!"

Here's the best video I can find online, enjoy, you have to listen and watch the whole thing. Weren't the 80's just...so...eeeeew, yet so...oooow!? I'm still trying to grow that mustache...got the crazy wide eyes and little hop choreography!


Naomi Hanks said...

Wow! I was eating Breakfast when I clicked on the video and actually lost my appetite when I saw that mustache! But that LOW LOW LOW part was awesome!

Titan and I said...

I made it, the whole 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

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