Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not exactly Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom...but

This title may date me quite a bit...Does anyone remember watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom back 30 or so years ago?

Here in Thailand, as we wander here and explore there, we do run into quite a bit of wildlife. From a giant 10 foot snake slithering down the soi in Kanchanaburi(I started chasing it with my camera while Pae was puzzled as to what kind of idiot would do such a thing) to the football sized blow fish that wash up half dead on the beaches in Koh Samet, there's always some beast that is fun to play with, ride, hide from or otherwise share a few moments with before moving on.I don't know how many photos we have of dogs and cats, but the fun ones are messing with the animals on the farms, gettin' snuggly with 300 pound pigs or nearly getting gored by a cow that didn't like my deodorant or something...true story, dang thing jabbed his horn into my tricep to push me out of the way, nearly took the thing off.Anywho, ran into these pictures while I was organizing...again, not Crocodile Hunter, but you get the idea!These monkeys in Panna congregated around our truck (windows up thank goodness) as we pulled into this small park. They had absolutely no shame, hopping on our roof, windshield and hood, balls flying everywhere. We gave them some bananas and then felt bad as the bigger males would steal them from the younger baby monkeys, quite violently at times.This is one of many pictures of elephants here in Thailand. Our elephants here have smaller ears and are smaller than the African Elephant. Asian Elephants are much more friendly as well, although I've seen them go on rampages before in Hawaii (a zoo elephant). I believe the elephant's name was Tyke or Tike...Youtube it. What do you expect though when you cage one of these things and ship it half way around the world to do tricks in a circus or something?Here's one of the cows that tried to gore me, Pae and P'Nut on the family's land in Ubon. It's always fun to go visit the farm, where they have cows and pigs and some type of fowl...ducks or chickens...forgot.Did I mention monkey balls?We saw some pink dolphins down in Chantaburi I think but I don't have those pics, Pretty cool though!


Titan and I said...

Monkey balls...what a classic pic. You should get that enlarged, framed and put over the fireplace. Makes our "Zoo" look like....well, a zoo.

Pae and Guy said...

Done and done! Won't Santa be surprised!

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