Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mother's Day in Thailand

Today is the Queen Sirikit's birthday (wife of the ruling King). The king has been on the throne for over 60 years, several generations, and his birthday, December 5th, and the Queen's, August 12, have come to be celebrated in Thailand as Father's Day and Mother's Day respectively.We celebrate here with a national holiday, meaning most people don't work. There are ceremonies all over the Kingdom. Small ceremonies within the family, larger ones at schools, where the schools invite the mothers to a few hours of singing, speeches and crying, and larger, provincial public celebrations which are more for the Queen, the mother of the Kingdom. We're watching one of the ceremonies on the telly right now in fact. We'll light a candle soon with the rest of the country.Pae, P'Nut and I just finished wishing Mom in Ubon a Happy Mother's Day on the phone. Pae is actually still talking to her.

So, as it's Mother's Day, I wanted to wish Mom Betsy in Florida and Mom Cindy in Utah a Happy Mother's Day! I love you both and hope you are healthy and happy! Thank you for all of the love and patience you have shown me. Grandma Pratt, I love you too and wanted to wish you a super Happy Mother's Day as well! And tell Grandpa Happy Mother's Day too...what the heck!!! Haha!

To all of my sisters who are mommies and to my good friend Carmen, Happy Mother's Day...and to Kris, another awesome friend from our military years who, the internet has helped me to reconnect with, I know you're dogs and cats are like children to you, so...Happy Thai Mother's Day!

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