Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happiness Never Melts

Having a tropical climate, Thailand lends itself to being a place where you just want to get out of the sun and park yourself in front of an icy mug-o-beer, a blended fruit drink from a food stand in the soi, or a couple scoops of refreshing ice cream. We usually go for the latter!

We have Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queens, Haagen Daz and other smaller ice cream shops here, but the one we frequent (and have a membership to) is called Swensens. With a membership we get a calendar that shows like 30 dates where scoops are buy one get one free. We've hit maybe half of those so far...and what do you know, tonight is one of them! I'm especially in the mood for some Swensens Rocky Road ice cream (boring perhaps, but absolutely awesome), but who knows, by the time we go I may feel like something more sour and fruity!

Our all time favorite at Swensens is the Earthquake! Eight scoops of ice cream, dobs and wallops of whipped cream, nuts, toppings and of course cherries! The two of us take care of one of these with relative ease.

Pae has told me about when she and one of her girlfriends used to go to Swensens, a few years back, eat an Earthquake, sit and talk, then eat another Earthquake! Now, the dang girl has always impressed me...but two girls pounding 16 scoops of ice cream with all of that extra junk piled on top...WOWOWOW!!!! Soul mate!!Behold...The Earthquake!!
The company slogan is "Happiness Never Melts" and I think I can vouch for that...moreover, Pae and I have never experienced a melted Earthquake...The monster mountain of ice cream reaches our table and is promptly devoured, the only hesitation being me flipping the whipped cream Pae's way, then digging through all eight scoops to find the Rocky Road...has to be the first one I eat! Chocolate, Almonds and Marshmallows...the ice cream gods certainly found a winner when they whipped this one up! I'm drooling and there's still an hour or two before I get home...As for today, may all of your ice cream dreams come true...and never forget, "Happiness Never Melts!"


Liz Uda said...

ha ha ha I find that very appropriate bro. lol Me and Tony have been like the cookie monster but with ice cream. We bought three things of breyers ice cream and only have a half a one left 48 hours later. the cookies and cream one went in less than 24 hours. I love it. especially since it's like 113 degrees out here in cali. ahhh. anywho. Love ya bro

Pae and Guy said...

Dang! I haven't had Breyers in so long!

113 degrees? Is that why yall have all those fires, things spontaneously combusting? ;)

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