Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food Peddlar at Little Pattaya

Here is a picture that I left out of my last blurb about Little Pattaya in Ubon, a large lake area with pontoon restaurants reaching into the center of the lake from the banks.

This picture is of one of the many food vendors who rowed their canoes from bungalow to bungalow, selling fruit, bird eggs, vegetables, steamed buns and dumplings, seafood, drinks and pretty much anything else you could think of.I think this photo is culturally interesting to say the least. I mean, where at back home does someone row up to your table in a restaurant and sell you speckled eggs, boiled? The lady's head wrapped in a cloth to keep the insects and sun away from her neck, a large brimmed had filtering it from her eyes, her wrinkled brow evidence of her difficult life. See original post here.

If you click no other picture to enlarge, click this one. The zoomed image gives you such a good view of the old wood that the canoe must be made of, a hollowed out tree trunk, aged and certainly weakened by the simmering sun, waterlogged from daily use. It shows the assortment of what she is selling. It shows her carefully leaning to give change, while clutching both the oar and the money we paid, all the while keeping her balance as not to tip her little business into the muddy waters of the lake...So, please do click for culture!

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Titan and I said...

I am envious....gonna have to make a trip down some day (year).

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