Thursday, July 16, 2009

While they were sleeping

Our recent trip with family to Lopburi started by driving 6 hours over night in the pouring rain to arrive at a flower field by sunrise. I was lucky, as I don't have an international driver's license, so the two brothers P'Neung and P'Nut drove in shifts. The rest of us got some shut eye. We got to the flower fields, took pictures, ate corn on the cob, sticky rice and grilled pork skewers, bought some umbrellas and generally played tourist. After taking in the morning scenery we headed to our hotel.

Pae had been given the task by her mom to find a place for the six of us to stay for a day and night during our trip. As we were driving around the little towns, the area seemed to be 100% farm land and backwoods. She found a resort called Pasak Hillside Forest Resort that turned out to be quite nice. It is tucked away about a kilometer away from the main road, hidden at the foot of two mountains that form a saddle shape. Noticeable from far off is a Buddhist temple set into the side of the mountain, about 1/3 the way up. You can see the temple in the picture below just above the main hotel building.The resort had all kinds of activities available for guests, similar to a place that would host company camp outs and stuff like that. It had duck boats, canoes, rafts and kayaks in its large pond. Spanning the pond were a cable bridge and two zip lines.There was a rock garden that doubled as a bond fire area as well as a makeshift observatory (telescope can be borrowed from the hotel) for both star gazing and bird watching. Advertised were ATVs and bikes, but all they had available were the bikes, which we took advantage of. They also had a "confidence course" of sorts with cable netting going up a couple trees as well as the zip lines and bridge mentioned earlier and other obstacles.

We checked into the resort and went to our rooms. It was still before noon and we had seemingly had a whole day of activities already, especially for the boys who drove throughout the night. The family decided to take naps, but Pae and I thought we would go for a bike ride...Afterall, we were missing a week from the gym.Over the next 4 hours, we would pretty much play on all obstacles, and did loops around the resort on some mountain bikes. We pladdled around in a duck boat for an hour but spent the funnest time on the water when my slipper fell off of my foot from the cable bridge. We had to go retrieve it of course, so we hopped into a canoe and rowed out into the center of the pond where my shoe had floated. We got really good at paddling and turning the canoe left and was a fun half hour or so in the canoe. We did actually ram the boat in to the bank once during a moment of indecision on both of our know...turn left or turn right? Uh, uh...crap...Smack! I was a genius and decided at full steam ahead to try to put the canoe in reverse by paddling backwards...Not the best idea as I paddled several pre collision strokes of green water into the canoe and all over my shorts and shirt...I stunk for the rest of the day. We got to Ubon the next night and my shorts were still wet and musty.I'll put some pictures of the mountain temple up soon as well. Oh, the last picture is of a little friend I made while walking to our room. We found several of these giant millipedes around the resort. P'Nut said they didn't bite...but as I was playing with one that was a little larger than the one in this picture, I noticed a deadly looking barb (okay it was just a little barb) on its rear segment. I wasn't about to see if P'Nut was serious or messing with me!The family eventually woke up from their naps and we all went and had dinner together. I'm sure a nap would have been nice, but It was awesome to play together, just the two of us, all around the resort...get some exercise...take pictures...and burn a lot of calories under the guise of relaxing...That being said, I slept like a baby that night...right through the epic Federer v. Roddick Wimbledon Final.

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Beccarigg said...

Definitley worth giving up a nap to do all those fun things. Teya was looking at this with me and she wanted me to blow up the picture of you guys on that rope bridge. When she saw it she said, "whoa! he's trying not get fall down, that's tricky!" And then she asked if that last picture of you was her Daddy playing with a snake. I said it was my brother and she said, "Oh, I have a baby brother in my tummy." Funny kid.

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