Friday, July 17, 2009

When nature calls

We saw this interesting bathroom when our little tourist trolley got stuck last weekend. We were visiting a park at the time, taking in flowers, a view of a sort of valley from a rock cliff and raw nature in the early hours of a rainy morning.

Our tram's wheels began to spin in the mud as it attempted to turn around in a small rest area. The driver apologized and asked us to disembark. Seeing some portapotties off in the distance, we took the opportunity to lessen our load, so to speak.The portapotties ended up being for women. The pictures below show the men's restroom. The sign on the outside says "Men's Natural Toilet". Obvious at first glance as it's made of tree branches, twine and green screening. The actual facilities are more urinals made for doing number one rather than number two. At least I didn't see any actual squatters or toilets. The urinals were made of a bamboo drain, a small faucet, and wicker partitions between pee-ers to hinder curious peeking.Notice in the pictures the stained, moist partitions...I'm hoping it was the rain that dirtied them up like that, but the fact that boys and men tend to pee all over the floors, walls, and seats of the public toilets here, I'm guessing the rain had nothing to do with this level of "natural" grossness.Personally, there is nothing more natural than unzipping and yellowing up a large oak tree, an unsuspecting rear tire of someone's car in the parking lot, or a snow drift behind the shed mid snowball fight. At least this "facility" improved the modesty factor given men's blessing of easy access to urination "equipment" and penchant to just whip it out anywhere and everywhere when nature calls.If I had a dollar for every time I've seen a bare butt kid peeing in the surf at the beach, a taxi driver peeing in the once empty lot beside my apartment, or the three days of this year's Songkran Festival in Ubon alone, I could change my name to Trump. I'd have to admit though, I'm just as guilty as the next guy...just the way I roll.

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Naomi Hanks said...

HeHe! I love your posts Chris! They always make me chuckle!

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