Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Speaking of Classes of Vertebrates...

I mentioned, in the last post, how there are some Thai terms that don't have a direct, simple, single-word translation. I gave the example of the term "mammal" which is translated to Thai as "animals that raise their young with milk".

Below are the five classes of vertebrates, the Thai term, and the Thai term's relatively direct translation (translation = my translation). You'll notice that birds and fish are pretty simple! Yay!

  • Reptile - สัตว์เลื้อยคลาน - animal that crawls
  • Amphibian - สัตว์สะเทินบกสะเทินน้ำ - animal that lives on both land and water
  • Bird - นก - bird
  • Fish - ปลา - fish
  • Mammal - สัตว์เลี้ยงลูกด้วยนม - animal that raises young with milk
I personally find "reptile" pretty interesting in that the translation has three "parts". If you break the Thai term down it translates to "animal crawl crawl"! I've seen some of my sisters' blogs recently telling how their new babies are starting to crawl...I guess they're going through their "reptile" stage. Amphibian breaks down into "animal both land and water".

Does anyone know these translations in other languages? Spanish? Russian? Japanese? etc.? I still think Thai will end up with the coolest translations!

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