Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Thai Fruit

I always found it inconvenient to eat a lot of fruit back home, you know, going to the grocery store, buying just the right amount of fruit so as not to have over-ripe stuff after a week, etc., but here in Thailand it is very simple.There are fruit stands pretty much on every street corner, along major thoroughfares, in markets, malls and grocery stores. Fruits are easily substituted for chips and chocolate here because of the ease of purchasing it as well as its preparation.When you grab a guava, for example, from a street vendor, he will slice and bag it for you and it's ready to eat as you walk or easily stored in your refrigerator or a lunch box to be eaten later.I personally think some of the shapes, textures and even sheer size of some of these fruits is interesting.The variety of fruits here is also pretty awesome. We get far more than the average U.S. fruit section at your local grocer...you know, apples, oranges, grapes, bananas.Our fruits here even come with cool nicknames like "The king of fruit" (durian shown above) or "The queen of fruit" (mangosteen pictured below).Right now mangosteens, dragon fruit, sala (spiky brown football looking fruit above), gnaw (furry looking red fruit in crates above) and custard apples (green fruit below often nicknamed Buddha Head fruit by farangs as it resembles the S.E. Asian depiction of Buddha's head) are in season and most fruit stands seem to always have durians (big spiky good-thing-Sir-Issac-Newton-wasn't-sitting-under-one-of-these-suckers fruit pictured above), mangoes and watermelon.These are some pictures from a roadside fruit seller we visited on our most recent trip away from town.

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