Thursday, July 23, 2009


Only after we stop to look at the pictures we take do I realize that I am either a goofball, or I just do stupid things...not sure which one it is really...If I had a penny for everytime the expression "Grow up!" was aimed in my direction...I've even been accused of being a bad influence on others..."You're a teacher, you should always be aware of how you carry yourself in front of your students." It's not the students they should worry about!!You'd look at these pictures and immediately peg me for a "center of attention" type, but that is so far off the mark...been called an entertainer...even that's a stretch. Now that I think about it, perhaps the most accurate title or comparison is simply "You're an Uda". (Feel free to shoot me when I start telling Dad's "Wun Hung Lo" joke)Maybe it's a certain level of insecurity or something that forces me, rather than posing for a normal picture, to make some odd face or pull some shutter-beating stunt that nobody else is aware of (until later).Hey, it worked for Jim Carey! And it does get smiles, and what would the world be like without smiles? Trust me, I've been close, I lived and worked across from Ground Zero for a few months in NY.You know what, after proofing this entry, I realized that my writing style almost mirrors some of the dumb faces I make...I'll not read too much into that though ;)Apparently this isn't something new in my life...30 years ago...Tell ya what, if you actually read this far, answer me this...Would you rather sit across from someone like this on a half-full subway car, or have your eyes gouged out with a Charleston Chew? Simple question...ANSWER IT!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I don't know who Charledton Chew is, but I love your blog's and your story telling,(great) and your antics, jokes, pictures and all. I would love to hear your Dad's joke too-I think.
Grandma Pratt

Anonymous said...

Sorry mispelled Charleston.
Grandma Pratt

Pae and Guy said...

Two things about jokes:

1. Don't tell someone else's joke, they probably tell it way better. Sorry, I'll have to refer you to Carl on the "Wun Hung Lo" one...There's just something about how funny he "thinks" he is when he delivers the punchline that saves the joke and actually makes it funny.

2. Being in a country where a different language is spoken, I often have to explain my jokes. I've found that when you dissect a joke to try to help someone "get it" takes half the humor out of it...That being said, I think there's no harm in telling you that a Charleston Chew is a candy bar!

I'm sure you're now leaning more towards "goofball"!

Glad you enjoy reading our blog! With the whole family basically keeping blogs, we can stay a lot more in-tune and informed from such far distances!

Love you,
Chris (Guy)

Beccarigg said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! Oh my GOSH!!! cannot stop laughing! You are such a nut case! I say that in the most loving way of course. All those pictures are HILARIOUS! The second one takes the cake though. Everyone is smiling so nicely and there you are acting like a giraffe in the tree. SO DANG FUNNY!

I think it is pretty accurate to say that "You're an Uda" perfectly describes what's going on in those pictures. We're messed up, but that's why people love us so much : ) haha!

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