Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Foto - July 18, 2009

I intended to do an entire blog post about this mother cow we saw at a farm last week. We were at a farm checking out cows when we noticed that this particular female had absolutely painfully swollen utters. At first I thought a blog with one liners describing how "utterly" big they were would be funny, but the more I looked at the pictures I took, the more I felt sorry for her and her calf.

I guess something is wrong with her and the calf won't take milk, so her boobage is just exploding all over the BLAM!!! right in your face. Watching her grazing in the field, utters flopping to and fro, was like watching Serena kicking butt and taking names at Wimbledon.

I asked why they don't hand milk her (the cow, not Serena) to alleviate some of the pressure and pain she must feel but I think I was still staring in amazement and shared pain and spaced off the explanation.

Anyway, this is your lovely Friday Foto. Anyone who googled "boobage" and were directed to here, sorry to disappoint! You shouldn't be looking at boobs on the internet anyways! Unless they're giant swollen cow boobs that is!Heck, lets make this a two-fer..."Friday Fotos"...I just can't stop looking at this poor cow.

1 comment:

Beccarigg said...

"if you googled boobage"...hahahaha! You are a funny kid you know that? Poor cow, that sucks. (or doesn't suck, which I guess is the whole problem)

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