Friday, July 10, 2009

Fresh Chicken

Went for my first Chinese Dim Sum meal in Thailand today with my boss. I had been helping her with some immigration paperwork for her upcoming travel to the States and she invited me to go get dim sum for lunch and talk a little more about further steps when she goes to the embassy next month.

That's not the point though. I was waiting for her at a big Dim Sum restaurant near our school (15 baht motorcycle taxi ride away only) when I saw something I thought was funny.

The restaurant name is China Gate and is located in Bangkok right next to the Thai Airlines headquarters, just a couple of clicks away from school. It's a higher end restaurant and seems to be pretty packed at the lunch hour. As I sat waiting for my boss to arrive, sipping of some Nam Gek Hoy or chrysanthemum juice (น้ำเก็กฮวย), I had a good view of the cooks in the kitchen. The door to the kitchen opened into the main parking lot, where there is a small cement stream separating the highway from the restaurant. Along the restaurant side of the stream there were a few very colorful chickens strutting about, minding their own business.

Suddenly, out of the kitchen, rushes a cook, in his white apron and puffy chef hat. He sneaks close to a chicken and tries to catch it, failing the first time. He looked like someone who dropped a dollar bill in the crosswalk while crossing a busy intersection, reaching down to grab the money only to have the wind blow it just out of his reach. Today was not this chicken's lucky day as the cook, again decked out in his whites, eventually captured him, slid him under his arm, and walked proudly towards the kitchen!

I'm all for fresh food, but the boss and I ordered strictly tofu, shrimp and crab!! It was a funny sight to see. The dim sum was pretty tasty by the way. I'm just hoping that the shrimp we ate wasn't netted out of the dirty water in the stream along the road! I'd rather not know and just call it an entertaining and pretty good lunch!

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