Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers from our recent trip

Here are some pictures we took recently of a bunch of flowers. The morning we arrived in Ubon from Bangkok, we arrived at the house to a pleasant patch of pinkish purple flowers under the orchid garden. This is the first time I've seen these beautiful flowers in all of my some 9 or 10 trips to Ubon. Usually, this same patch is just an area of green grassy plants...I never realized that they were flowers!I'm teaching my 4th graders about the reproductive parts of flowers so we have been using this collage as an example as it gives a good view of the stamen, pistil and even lots of glorious pollen! Helps them to understand pollenation a little better.Something that helps them even more in the quest to "own" pollenation as a concept, is the following picture, also snapped in the early morning hours at home. This is the flower of the dragon fruit plant, mentioned in a previous blog. It is a mean looking flower from afar, but a lovely giant as you get closer. Inside of the delicate white petals are the inner workings of the flower that look like small strings of silk. The morning of this photo, I was lucky enough to catch a little bee in the act of slurping the nectar from inside of this down-facing bloom. This is officially one of my favorite pictures...not to toot my own horn, but I just love the little bee in there flapping his little bee wings! The kids love this picture and it again helps them with the whole pollenation thing.At a grape vineyard in another province, small road trip, we ran across a bright peachy color water lily flower...actually there were three, but this picture shows only one of them. This is my slide that I show the kids to show them the reproductive parts of the looks much better if you click and enlarge it!Another part of our road trip included a trip to Chaiyaphum where we visited the Kra Jiaw flower fields. The Kra Jiaw flower is a multi-layered pink flower that looks very beautiful especially when it grows in large quantities as in these fields.Enjoy the flowers, more on Chaiyaphum soon.

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