Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cupcake Carousel

Two weeks ago, Pae and I celebrated four years since we first met in New York. It was a totally random and unexpected way to meet, at Port Authority on 42nd in Manhattan, but it is very memorable for both of us and worthy of celebrating! Especially if said celebration involves sweets!

I brought home some cupcakes from Cupcake Carousel, a small bakery in the shopping center near my school here in Bangkok. (At the link above, mouseover the cupcake names for a picture of the cupcake!)We had tasted samples at the shop previously and they were very moist and the icing was actually cream rather than a stiff sugary icing. More like a mousse. AWESOME!! I got 8 cupcakes and figured over the next few days we would each eat half of each different flavored cupcake.

We had Chocolate Mousse, Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate Peppermint, Coconut, Red Velvet, Very Vanilla (substitute for Green Tea), Cherry Crumble (not pictured on web page) and Vanilla Strawberry. My order didn't include all of the flavors I actually wanted for some odd reason, even though they require an order two days in advance...presumably so they can give you exactly what you want! Guess not!The cupcakes were pretty good, although, I have to admit that they did get pretty dry and stiff when kept in the refrigerator for several days. The dude told me that four days was the max, but I'm thinking that even one day in the fridge changed the whole texture of the cupcakes...when we tasted them in the store, they were so moist and rockinly rich in flavor. Definitely a buy one and eat it on the spot type of snack rather than take a bunch home and eat them over several days type. Lesson learned.Even though the cupcakes were dried out in the fridge, they still make my mouth water when I look at the pictures. The best one, Pae and I agree, was the coconut, followed by (I think) the Boston Cream Pie. Had they been moist, the Chocolate Mousse is a definite winner! When we go to the mall, you can bank on us stopping by Squeeze to grab a fruit smoothie, by Auntie Anne's to have pretzels and lemonade, or Swensens to stuff ourselves with ice cream (The Earthquake!!)...Cupcake Carousel is a new place we can stop for our snack fix. I think even without anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations, we would still have our faces firmly planted in some kind of calorie-filled sweetness! That's just how we roll!


Rachel said...

Dude those cupcakes look soooo good!!!

Beccarigg said...

Holy cow! WOWIE WOWIE WOW!!!! I want one! me me me!!! (oh, p.s. Happy Anniversary) (p.p.s. Still haven't sent your birthday package! Sorry I'm such a slacker, doh!)

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