Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We made Kimchi Jigae

I bought a bunch of kimchi from the market a week or so back and we decided to have a go at making some kimchi jigae at home. We only have a little wok to cook in as our apartment complex doesn't allow cooking in the rooms. So we stuffed a bunch of kimchi, spicy pepper, pepper paste, tofu, onions, pork ribs and some big green vegetable in the wok and let it cook! When it was nearly done, we added a giant ramen brick, let it reconstitute itself in the kimchi juice, then chowed down with our homemade Korean meal!The kimchi jigae was awesome and we ate it over several days, but even more scrump-dili-umptious was a Thai noodle meal that we ate for four days last week called GuiJab. No pictures of the guijab, but it is made of thick super starchy noodles boiled with seasoned ground pork (muu saap), pork "cake" (muu yeo), lots of green vegetables, fried onions, lime juice, pork broth and spicy chili peppers. The chili, fried onions and lime juice are added to taste, so my four bowls over four days all tasted totally different. I prefer my guijab sour over spicy, oniony too. If you ever come to Thailand, guijab is a MUST eat!! Especially the way Pae makes it, we stuff ourselves until we want to yack. We only eat guijab here in Bangkok when someone brings the ingredients from Ubon. They don't sell guijab here in BKK that much. It's more of a north eastern dish. Beings Pae is in Ubon now and I'm heading there in a few days, looks like Pae's Famous GuiJab will be on the menu in July!!! ก๋วยจั๊บรสเด็ดBKK!!Some guijab shops in Ubon serve with only the muu yeo and in the place of muu saap they will substitute chicken feet or pork bone. My favorite in Ubon has the pork backbone in it. You literally have to suck between the vertebra to get the tender juicy meat out. It's both delicious and fun! I got a picture of one version, in an entirely too small bowl from the internet. You have to realize, when we eat it, it comes in a bowl four times this size!! This one also appears to be taken prior to adding the lime, onion and spicy pepper.

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Beccarigg said...

Now who's turn is it to drool over their keyboard? Okay, so the pork spine thing sounds weird but the kimchi looks awesome!

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