Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Korea - Day 9 - Nami Island

Yeah, today would be really our last full day in Korea. Day 10, which we won't post, was eating, packing, and flying. Today though, we went to Nami Island, an island in a river a few hour train ride from Seoul. Tip for those who will ever make this day trip to Nami, if you plan to take the train, get your ticket in advance a few days to avoid "standing room only" tickets. Three hours standing on the train wasn't exactly comfortable!Nami Island became a big tourist attraction for Asian tourists after a Korean Drama ten or so years ago called Winter Sonata.Here are some late winter, early spring pictures of the island.Ferry ride to Nami IslandSkipping rocks in the riverSite of Winter Sonata's main characters' first kiss.Big snowman. In the drama, some of the most popular scenes were the winter scenes!Woulda been funny, but cold, if that dork fell in!Snacks!A posing opportunity that nobody missesThe girl's bathroom was closed...What ya gonna do!?Pae and Guy taking a long walk around the islandNot really sure what this little hut thing was!Shots from the drama during fall and winter on NamiBeautiful rows of treesA sign here says "Prove your love" so you see lots of hugs and kisses...I'm sure a smile would do, but hugging and smooching is so much fun too!Would love to see the place in winter, spring, summer and fall!Awesome corn dog!Got back to the "mainland" and ate cold buckwheat noodlesBack in Seoul, Myeongdong, we ate at a little place called Cafe Bang Bang, and had waffles and ice cream! The funny thing was of course the name and the theme of the place was individual rooms with a tv and cable, table and total privacy, other than hearing the customers to all four sides of you.Well, it was a great trip. We have thousands of pictures, could only choose a handful to share. Now back to work and thinking of what fun adventures to do during the next vacation...U.S.A.???

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Liz Uda said...

ha ha ha ha all that food looks freaking DOPE!!!!!!! Ahhh I love it. You guys are so cute. I love you. miss you.... P.s. I am super proud of you for being willing to go work off those corn dogs. lol have fun at the gym bro. love ya

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