Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Foto - June 12, 2009

We've given plenty of blog space to the canine types out there, but today is time for some feline-love! As with soi dogs here in Thailand, feral cats are also abundant. The biggest difference, thanks to their self-cleaning habit, is that they are usually much cleaner and huggable than soi dogs. But, being wild and on their own, I often get swatted by a cat as if to tell me,

"I like the fact that you are paying attention to me but don't touch me! If I wanna be touched, I'LL touch you!"

I've only gotten clawed once, but it was because I was "torturing" a little Siamese looking cat with a straw near our school. She went absolutely wild trying to catch the straw as I flipped it side to side, right out of her grasp. Finally, as if tired of playing with the silly human, she leaped, swatted, full extension of the claws, and sliced my index finger right below the nail...I guess you're supposed to let them "capture" the object every now and then...I gave her the straw. She soon lost interest in the motionless piece of plastic and went back to sleep under a fried chicken vendor's cart.

The life of a cat!

Shout out to Bao and Jinxy in Florida! Two fatties!

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